Sunday, 23 June 2013

Male Hair Loss – Colouring Your Hair

If you are one of the millions of men in Britain that is experiencing male hair loss, you may think that there is little point in colouring it. This can feel like a double whammy: not only are you experiencing hair loss, but you have to deal with the grey hair as well, and you may feel you are ageing prematurely.

There are ways around this and, if you are experiencing male hair loss, it is doesn't necessarily follow that you have to give up on colouring your hair. In actual fact, colouring your hair can have a number of benefits and, if done properly, will not affect the speed at which you lose your hair. It's important to have your hair coloured by a professional or, if you do it yourself, you must ensure that you carefully follow the instructions on the packet. Colouring your hair can make your hair look thicker, which is always a good thing, especially if you are experiencing male hair loss.

At the London Centre of Trichology we are always on hand to provide advice if you're losing your hair. Our experts are leaders in the field and can help you to identify your problem and recommend the most suitable treatment.

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Colouring Your Hair: the Benefits

Colouring your hair improves the condition of your hair and thickens the volume, giving you an abundance of lush locks. Hair colour covers up grey and makes you look younger. You can choose the perfect colour to suit the colouring of your eyes and skin tone. Colouring your hair can be a massive boost to your self-image and confidence. If you're really daring, why not try something adventurous like blue or purple to express your personality? You only have to look at some of the makeovers on the X-factor to see the difference that a new hair style or colour can make.

Do it Yourself

If you decide to colour your hair at home, make sure that you wear old clothes and use old towels as there is a high likelihood that you will get the colour on them. Make sure that the room is adequately ventilated: hair colour contains some strong chemicals and it's important to avoid inhaling them. Ensure that you follow the instructions on the packet, especially in regards to how long you should leave the colour on for. If the worst happens and it all goes horribly wrong, don't try to rectify it yourself. Seek the help of a professional hairdresser.

Choosing a Colour

It's important to get advice from a professional to help you choose the best type and shade of colour for you. They can help you decide on the best colour for your skin tone and eye colour. The colour of your hair when you were a child will often really suit you, you may be surprised at how good this looks.

Going Lighter

Lighter hair can make you look younger. It's always important to get professional advice to ensure that it's done correctly. Jude Law dyed his hair blonde, which really suited him, probably because it's close to his natural colour. Blonde hair colour can change the condition of your hair, so you will probably want to invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

Going Darker

Dark hair can give a mysterious, sultry look and make your hair look thicker. Men with deep blue eyes will find that dark hair makes their eyes sparkle and stand out.

Red Hair

Celebrities such as Damien Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Robert Kazinsky and Prince Harry have all shown how sexy red hair can be. Red hair is unusual for a man and as such can be very attractive to women. If you colour your hair red, be prepared to redo it regularly as red fades quickly.

Adventurous Colours

Bold colours such as blue or purple can really make you stand out from the crowd. Some companies have policies whereby their employees are prohibited from having such hair colours; so, before you take the plunge, it's best to find out what your company's policy is in regard to this. If you work in a creative role or you are not dealing with members of the public, you may be more likely to get away with it. American actor, Jarod Leto was spotted sporting blue hair in 2010.

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