Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Top 10 Fashionable Hairstyles for Men

Which looks will be at the cutting edge of hair fashion for men in 2014? Should you keep your hair short and slick or let it grow long? Hairstyles have become increasingly varied over the last few years, making it hard to choose between all the looks. Here's the heads-up on some of the top styles of the moment.

Fringe Benefits: Many male models on the catwalk have been seen sporting long, heavy fringes, while keeping the sides and back of their hair shorter. The hair on the top of the head is also kept short in this look. This style can be a good choice for men who are just starting to notice male hair loss, as the fringe can cover up the hairline.

The Quiff: This is another look with short back and sides and a longer fringe, but the fringe is swept back over the top of the head, giving extra fullness, and using either wax or gel to hold it back. John Travolta famously wore a quiff as a youngster in 1970s smash hit movie Grease, and now he has been seen wearing the look again in his late 50s, proving that it is also flattering for older men.

Undercut: Shaving your hair back at the sides, while leaving it longer on top and in the centre, is a look which has been on-trend for some time. You can either slick the front of your hair back, as Michael Pitt did in the role of Jimmy Darmody in 1920s series 'Boardwalk Empire', or spike it up with gel for a more modern look.

Peaked Cut: If you are looking for a shorter alternative to the undercut, but don't want something too drastic, then this new look could be the answer. Like the undercut, it has shaved sides, but the centre is kept fairly short too and swept back from a peak.

Short and Slick: The 'Mad Men' look popularised by Jon Hamm in the series set in the 1960s is still in vogue, with short, sharp cuts being popular with both younger and older men. Prince William is one famous figure who has shown that short hair can look great even if your hair is receding. 

Dishevelled: If you're fed up with sleek and short styles, an alternative gaining in popularity is the carefully dishevelled look, with hair sticking out in different directions. However, this isn't just a case of getting out of bed and forgetting to comb your hair - it's a look that has to be created by a stylist, and you need to make sure your clothes look smart to avoid the hairstyle seeming like something you stumbled on by accident!

Wet Look: A different spin on the tousled, wavy and textured hairstyles popular with many younger men is to apply gel while the hair is still damp after towel-drying for a wet look, or alternatively apply wax to the roots. The wet look can also be combined with a quiff or a short and slick style.

Spike It Up: Spiky hair is still in style and regularly features on the catwalks, working well both for younger men and for older ones. The sides are always a bit shorter than the top to create this look, and the hair on the crown would ideally be about two inches long or more so that the spikes will be effective.

Making Waves: Parting your hair at the side and letting it go across your head in a wave is a catwalk look which works well for men with a lot of hair. Using a mousse will help to add volume for this look, which easily dresses up or down.

Razored Crop: The buzz cut, with hair shaved to stubble, is always a popular choice, especially among those who are experiencing male hair loss. However, another fashionable take on it is to leave the hair a little longer on the top of the head. This hairstyle is often combined with designer stubble. 'Twilight' heart-throb Robert Pattinson is one of the celebrities who has been seen wearing this type of look.

Men's hairstyles are constantly changing, but these are just some of the looks which are in vogue at the moment and look likely to make headlines in the year ahead.

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