Monday, 27 June 2016

Stylish Workout Hairstyles

Keeping your hair out of your face can be challenge at the gym, so here we have come up with some chic styles to keep your hair under control and out of the way.

Woman with ponytail at gym

Simple Braided Ponytail
This simple style is easy and pretty, and takes just seconds to do. To get this look, pull your hair up into a high ponytail, and secure with a snag free fabric hair tie. Make sure the ends of your hair are smooth and brushed through, and then plait the length of the ponytail before securing with another hair tie. For an updated take on this, try doing a fishtail braid instead of an ordinary one. This looks effortless, and will keep your hair off your face throughout your workout.

Low Bun
Create a low, messy bun to frame your face while you exercise. To do this, create a deep side parting instead of slicking the hair back. This is more flattering for your face, and can help you to cover any female hair loss at the side or back of your head. Pull hair back loosely at the nape of your neck, and twist your hair round into a messy bun before securing with a hair band. Spray with hairspray to keep shorter hairs at the front from falling down, and you’re ready to go.

Woman doing crossfit at gym

Sweat Band
Sweat bands are a useful accessory to keep hair off your face, while also absorbing sweat to stop your scalp from overheating or becoming saturated. Sweat can block the pores in your scalp, resulting in female hair loss. This style is good for those with thin hair as the headband lifts the hair at the crown, giving it the illusion of volume and thickness. After your workout, spray dry shampoo along your crown and roots to freshen up your hair. This also makes hair appear thicker due to the ingredients in the spray.

Half Up, Half Down
Go half and half with this easy style that will keep hair off your face, while still leaving some of the hair down for a feminine look. Pull the top of your hair into a high ponytail, secure with a ponytail and you’re ready to go. Alternatively, twist the top half of your hair into a bun on top of your head, while leaving the rest of your hair down.

Hairstyle for gym

Crossover Pony
You can add elegance to your ponytail with this crossover design. Simply separate two sections of hair on either side of your parting before pulling back the rest of your hair into a low, sleek ponytail. Brush the two pieces of hair back, and crisscross them over the base of the ponytail until you get to the end of the pieces of hair, before securing the ends underneath the ponytail with bobby pins out of sight. Spray a touch of hairspray if needed to keep fine hairs in place.

Braided Pigtails
This slightly more complicated style looks fabulous in the gym as well as on a day out shopping. For an easier approach, split your hair into a centre parting and then tie up one side out of the way. Start with the other side and pull it into a classic braid before securing with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side. For a more detailed look try out Dutch braid pigtails which have become increasingly popular in recent months. 

Woman working out at gym

Bunched Ponytail
For a quick twist on a normal ponytail, slick your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a band. Then, bunch your hair up in between to add a bubble effect. This will keep hair in place, while making your hair look thicker. This looks equally good on a night out, where hair can be styled with a pomp at the front to add height and drama to your hair.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to Prevent Hair Tie Damage

With summer just around the corner, many women with long hair will opt to wear their hair up in a variety of styles, from buns to braids. However, up dos, particularly ones that are too tight, can put strain on your hair which may cause breakage. Indeed, female hair loss can be made worse by the action of putting up your hair, where the strands are pulled, twisted and wrapped around each other in order to achieve the perfect up do. Here we explain some of the best ways to avoid damage to your hair.

women with ponytails

Dry Your Hair First
Your hair is at its weakest when wet, so ensure all of your hair is dry before it pulling back into an up do. Where possible let your hair dry naturally to avoid further damage from a hair dryer. When dry your hair is able to stretch a small amount; however, when wet it is much more likely to snap when strained. If you are in a rush, try blow drying from your roots to just past where your hair band will sit, then allow the rest of your hair to dry while tied up. 

Be Gentle
Avoid pulling hair back off your face too tightly as this will put large amounts of tension on the fine hairs at the front of your head. These can become weak and thin, and in some cases can even leave bald patches. Traction alopecia is often caused by wearing the hair in a style that is too severe and tight; so to avoid this try going for a softer look such as a messy bun or loose ponytail, or try leaving small strands of hair down at the front to frame your face.

hair up-do

Switch Your Styles
If you wear your hair up on a day to day basis, try out a new style or placement to give the hairs in the frequent position of your up do a break. Hair can be worn on top of the head in a high ponytail or bun, in the middle of the head, at the back of the crown or on the nape of your neck in a low ponytail or elegant chignon.

Ditch the Metal
Metal fasteners will snag and tear at your hair throughout the day, so throw out any hairbands with these and invest in some high quality fabric ties. These will hold the hair in place throughout the day without needing to be wrapped around the hair as tightly, allowing your hair to move freely while avoiding damage. Alternatively you could try using a silicon band, or even a bungee. 

hair in ponytail

Careful Removal
Many women will pull the tie out of their hair with little care, dragging with it a large amount of hair. To avoid tearing chunks of locks out, take the time to carefully unwind your hair tie one loop at a time. This is much gentler than pulling the band down your ponytail, which can cause hair to snag and break along the way which may lead to some female hair loss.

Woman's hair in plaits

Try Out a Gym Style
Tight ponytails at the gym can ruin your hair, so try out a softer style such as a loose bun or fishtail plait. These can be secured with clips or snag free ties to give your hair room to move. Prepare your hair for the gym by spraying dry shampoo onto your roots to prevent surplus moisture from drenching your whole head with sweat. Powder based dry shampoos work best for this, and can be topped up after your workout to keep you looking fresh.

Let Your Hair Rest

Give your tresses time to recuperate and wear your hair down for a week, while avoiding hot tool use such as dryers and straighteners. This will allow your hair to grow stronger again, and will allow the natural texture of your hair to show. Try not to wear hair up while sleeping as well, as hair is best left to fall around you naturally,

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