Tuesday, 15 November 2016

7 Pros of Hair Weaving as a Natural Hair Loss Solution

Hair loss solution

How we feel about our looks affects our confidence. Of course, some people don’t get worried by thinning hair or baldness and are happy to let their natural look prevail, but for others just the opposite is true. Fortunately, there are surgical and non-surgical treatments available, and at our central London clinic we provide all the latest techniques and solutions for men and women with hair loss.

Hair weaving in London is an extremely popular, non-invasive way of giving the appearance of a full head of hair. Weaves are used to add hair to conceal baldness or in combination with the client’s existing tresses to give thinning strands more volume. If you are looking at undergoing a similar transformation, here our experts at the London Centre of Trichology provide 7 benefits to choosing a hair weave as a natural hair loss solution.

Look Younger
The feedback we get from our clients who have had a hair weave is that it makes them look several years younger. For women, it gives the illusion of a luscious, glossy mane and for men the transformation is just as dramatic, as their hair appears restored to its former glory. With such fantastic results our customers return home after treatment with a spring in their step and look forward to revealing their new look to friends and family.

Immediate Results
A hair weave is the fastest and most natural way to achieve a full head of hair. While customers still have to factor in the time taken for the procedure to be carried out, they don’t have to wait months, or even years, for their hair to grow back; instead the results are immediate. It can be likened to taking time out to pop to the hairdressers or the beauty salon, emerging with a brand new look.

Natural Appearance
Our hair weaves are tailor made for our customers and we use real human hair to provide the most effective results. The end result is hair that looks thick and healthy and the weave is made to blend with real hair so it looks completely natural.

Easy to Style
The quality of weaves has improved considerably over the years and we use the most up-to-date techniques to achieve the best possible results. As we only use human, rather than synthetic hair, you can style your weave in a similar way to your existing locks. Clients can still use water and heated styling appliances on their weave, but it is important to protect the hair first with a heat styling product.

Choice of Hair
Another major advantage of hair weaving for our London clients is that it gives them a choice of hair and style. While our clients will need to go back to the clinic or arrange an at home visit every four to five weeks to keep up the maintenance of their weave, they are free to change the colour, style, length and volume as regularly as they want. This is because our client’s real hair will still be growing at a rate of about half an inch a month. Regular maintenance also gives clients the option to experiment more regularly with different looks.

Maintains Condition
The techniques we use at our clinic does not damage our clients’ natural strands, which is another reason why it is a popular choice for hair loss. We use the latest techniques from America to blend with existing tresses; this also protects existing hair from damage from the elements, such as exposure to harsh sunlight.

Hair weaves are a natural, non-invasive hair loss solution, available to men and women, and are preferred by clients who don’t want a full hair transplant. Compared to hair transplants, which provide a permanent solution to hair loss, weaves are a cheaper option and provide immediate results.

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