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Hair Loss London – Confidence Boosting Tips on How to Look Good and Feel Great

Whatever your age or sex, losing your hair can knock your self esteem. While, on the upside, most forms of hair loss are treatable, in the intermediate time it may be a major blow to your confidence or worse: you may want to shut yourself away from friends and family. This article spotlights steps you can take to feel yourself again – and help you look good and feel great.

Whether you are male or female and have experienced hair loss, visit the London Centre of Trichology where our experts will help diagnose your condition and talk you through the treatment available. The sooner your hair loss is addressed, the better the results. And, with six decades of experience in our field, you will have added peace of mind that you are in the hands of the experts. To find out more about treatment of hair loss in the London area, click on the link below.

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Meanwhile, if you are diagnosed with female alopecia or male pattern baldness, here’s just some of the ways you can boost your confidence.

Join a Support Group – Browse the internet to find a support group in your local area. Or, if you can’t find one near you, why not set one up yourself? By joining a support group, you will no longer feel alone and you can find out about other people’s experiences and how they have coped with female alopecia or male pattern baldness. If you are looking for hair loss support groups or charities in the London area, for example, there are a number of these available. These include: Surrey/Greater London hair loss support, Alopecia UK and Alopecia Awareness.

Challenge Yourself
– Channelling your energy into something new can work wonders for your confidence and it will help take your mind off things. Challenge yourself by taking up a new hobby - or sport - whether that is joining a new club or, if you like the idea of an adrenalin rush, try pushing yourself to try out an adventure activity, such as wall climbing, dry ski slope skiing, surfing or abseiling. This will give you a buzz and is a great way to make new friends.

Dress for Confidence – Take a good look through your wardrobe; if you struggle to find something decent to wear and your existing outfits are tired, worn or out of date, you may be in need of a wardrobe makeover. Examine each of the items you have and chuck away all the old clothes that are the wrong colour on you, don’t flatter your figure, or have holes in - and invest in new ones. To make your wardrobe purge fun, invite a friend to help and ask them for an honest opinion before chucking stuff away. When you shop for clothes (budget allowing) make sure you buy at least a couple of outfits, so you have something for any occasion: a meal out, the office, sportswear and everyday wear. If you are unsure of your body type, department stores often have in-house personal shoppers who can find you outfits that flatter your figure.

Have a New Hairstyle – Changing your locks can be a great boost to your self esteem. You may want to try out a new hair colour or have more flattering style. There are many stylists who are experienced in this field and can give you a suitable cut that will help disguise bald patches or a receding hairline.

Hair and Other Accessories – Scarves and hats are very fashionable and look fantastic if you find the perfect accessory for your face shape. It could become your signature style! Other chic accessories include sunglasses. Once the sun is out, sunglasses can be worn summer or winter and look chic and stylish. They can be used to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays in daylight hours, and can be worn as a hair band indoors.

Take Up Exercise – Exercise lifts your mood and makes you feel great. It also improves your appearance as it assists in weight loss and tones your body to give it a better shape. Improved fitness makes you look younger too and, with such a wide variety of sports available, you will always find one to suit you. Whether you enjoy team sports, classes or working out alone, there’s a whole range of activities available from walking, to jogging, swimming, yoga, gym work outs, tennis and football.

Give Yourself a New Image – Whether you are male or female, a new image can give you a major confidence boost. If you are female, you may want to find out how best to apply make-up for your face shape. The cost of a makeover is often redeemable against purchase - just book an appointment with a make-up artist in your nearest department store by telephone or in person. Men may want a new way of shaving and perhaps sport designer stubble that makes the most of their features.

Reconnect with Friends – Having a network of friends who are non judgemental, make you laugh and give you a lift is essential when you have had a confidence knock-back. In fact, the chances are your best friends won’t have even noticed your hair loss!

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If you have hair loss, you may well have feelings of anxiety. Our experts at the London Centre of Trichology will help put your fears aside and will talk through the treatment options available.

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