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Hair Loss London – Coping with the Psychological Effects of Female Hair loss and Male Pattern Baldness

While some of you may come to terms with hair loss easily, others may find it extremely distressing; sudden and / or severe hair thinning in particular can have a dramatic effect on your well being.

Fortunately, in most cases hair thinning is temporary and this can often be put down to one of a number of things, such as hormonal imbalance, stress, poor diet, or genetics. If you have hair loss, the London Centre of Trichology has more than 60 years’ experience in treating alopecia and has helped thousands of UK men and women (just like you) regain their locks - and their confidence.

Before undergoing treatment for hair loss, many of our patients have expressed a feeling of low self-esteem. This is because society places a great deal of emphasis on a person’s looks, and our tresses are central to our appearance.

Women in particular find it hard to cope with thinning locks, but men also discover losing their hair harrowing. You may well look at your father or elder brother’s receding hairline and worry about what the future has in store for you.

However, help is at hand for hair loss and, at the London Centre of Trichology, we are experts in our field and offer diagnosis and solutions for female alopecia and male pattern baldness. Just click on the link below to find out more.

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The Effects of Hair Loss and Ways to address it

If you are losing your hair, it is natural to experience feelings of anxiety, especially at the first signs of hair thinning; however, some of you may find it more difficult to handle and become depressed and withdrawn. You may want to spend more time indoors and, at worst, even a small journey like popping to the supermarket can become difficult and arduous to do.

The good news is that most forms of hair loss can be treated and, in addition to a visit to London Centre of Trichology, there are other ways to help you feel good about your appearance.  Read on to find out more.

Remember - You Are Not Alone – Millions of people in the UK are affected by hair loss, some of whom are in the public eye. A number of celebrities have experienced hair thinning and have not been afraid to talk about it; Scottish presenter Gail Porter is particularly high profile and, since losing her famous blonde locks, she has gone on to appear in a number of shows, including The Gadget Show. There are also a host of male celebrities who are balding, many of whom are regarded as sex symbols: Bruce Willis and Jack Nicholson spring to mind.

Have a Good Support Network – If are losing your hair and feel self-conscious about it, it is important to surround yourself with friends who keep you positive and upbeat - and ditch the ones who aren’t. Having a good support network of friends or family is one of the fastest ways to pull you through this difficult period, and it can work wonders in building your confidence. It is easy to shut yourself away, but try to not isolate yourself as this will only make you feel worse. Instead, if your friends ask you to go somewhere, put on your best outfit, smile, and celebrate with them. Good fun and humour are a sure-fire way to get yourself back on track.

Boost Your Own Confidence with a Makeover – Think of ways to help boost your confidence. You might want to try a different hair style or colour. Or, if your hair loss is more severe, consider wearing stylish scarves or hats; this will give you a brand new image, and you could find that your new look catches on! However, it may be that a makeover, rather than a new hair style, gives you the boost you need. Whether you are male or female, a trip to a beauty salon for a facial or a fake tanning session can work wonders. Top it off with a visit to a local department store and book an appointment with a personal shopper to select a brand new wardrobe that flatters your body shape.

Have Someone to Talk to – A sympathetic partner, friend, or relative, can work wonders and will really give you a lift. If you have male pattern baldness, chat to relatives who have experienced the same thing and find out how they’ve coped with it. If you find that losing your hair is really dragging you down, or you feel at an all time low, consider counselling or look for a support group in your local area. Talking to people who have been through something similar can be a real help.

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