Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Female Hair Loss – Choosing a Bob or Lob

The bob is a classic hairstyle which has been fashionable for years, but now the lob is taking over. The lob is a long version of the bob, which reaches to the collarbones and which can be styled in a variety of ways. These two styles can be used with most hair types, and it can often be hard to choose between the two. Here The London Centre of Trichology explains the things you should consider before deciding.

The London Centre of Trichology specialises in natural remedies for female hair loss, and can help you through treatment with our expert advice and knowledge.


Before choosing a style, consider the normal up dos you like to put your hair into. A bob tends to be too short to put into a ponytail or bun, and can sometimes be difficult to curl. Lobs tend to reach down to the collarbones, and are much more versatile than the bob. These can be curled, straightened and tied into a low ponytail for a quick everyday up do. Think about your daily routine, and make sure you can keep your hair out of your way if you lead an active lifestyle. 

Thin or Thick Hair

For women with thinning hair, shorter styles tend to look better as they give the appearance of the hair being thicker than it actually is. This can help you to achieve a full look, and hair will be lifted from the roots without the extra weight of long hair. Thicker hair suits the lob well – due to the body and weight of it – and cutting it too short can often leave the hair looking frizzy.


Short hair sometimes requires more maintenance than long hair, and for busy people this can be a problem. Before you commit to a short style, think about how much time you can spend styling it in the morning, as well as how often you can visit the salon. To give your hair a full bodied and thick appearance you will need to blow dry your hair from the roots. And, for extra style many people will use straighteners or curlers as well. Bobs require regular trims to keep them looking perfectly maintained, so for a lower maintenance look, choose a lob which can be left to grow out. 


If you have gone from long to short, you’ll need to adapt your makeup to suit your new do. Bobs look stunning when paired with minimal beauty looks, but can also look lovely with retro inspired makeup when on a night out. Think about your current makeup routine, and whether it will fit with a shorter style. Choose a lob first if you are unsure, and you can always have it cut shorter if you decide you like how it looks with your personal style.

Regrowth Time

Getting your hair cut short is a big decision, so consider the speed at which your hair grows. If you decide you don’t like the style, you’ll have to wait several months for it to reach the length it was, if not longer. Women experiencing hair loss may find that their hair takes longer to grow than most, and this is a serious point to consider when choosing a cut. The lob is often a safer option which can be grown out much quicker, whereas the bob can take up to a year to get back to the length it used to be. 

Think It Through

If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years, it can sometimes be a shock to change to something dramatically different, especially if you’re changing from long to short. Think about it for at least a month, and make sure the bob or the lob is really what you want to try. Ask the opinion of friends and family, and find a picture of the style you like so you can show the hairdresser exactly how you want it to look. 

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Female Hair Loss – Hair & Makeup Trends for Spring 2016

Spring 2016 is set to be full of dramatic hair and makeup looks, with recent fashion shows highlighting the trends that we can expect to see this spring and summer. Designers showed off bright and bold makeup and stunning hairstyles throughout London Fashion Week, which can be effortlessly achieved using high street products and accessories for day to day styles.

The London Centre of Trichology specialises in female hair loss, and our expert knowledge and hair systems have helped thousands of women to recover their hair. If you have noticed the onset of female hair loss, visit The London Centre of Trichology to receive a free consultation and advice.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton used exaggeratedly long and thick fake eyelashes, along with long braided hair to create a bohemian and doll-like effect on his catwalk models.  To recreate this look, leave hair straight, and simply braid a few small sections into miniature plaits. Use a full coverage foundation to achieve flawless skin, add a small amount of blusher to the apples of your cheeks, before using thick false eyelashes to give your eyes definition. Nude lips and thick, defined eyebrows will complete this look perfectly.

Yves Saint Laurent

For women battling extreme hair loss, this daring trend will be well received: buzz cuts are back in fashion. Yves Saint Laurent was the first to showcase this bold style, which was soon adopted by other big name fashion companies such as Gucci, Lanvin and Versace. Gucci paired this with oversized glasses and buttoned up shirts to give the models a quirky edge. The buzz cut looks great on all hair colours, and for women experiencing female hair loss it can often be a low maintenance and easy look to pull off, while still looking fashionable.

Girls on the Prada catwalk showed off futuristic gold lips, with skin clear of any other makeup except for a touch of mascara. Hair was made to look wet, and short fringes were slicked down onto the models’ foreheads. For an easy, everyday look this can be refashioned at home using hair gel to get the wet look yourself. Gold lipsticks are available at most beauty shops for a low price, and these can also be used on the eyelids for a versatile and quick dash of colour before you leave the house.

Bottega Veneta
Puns have become a new fashion statement, which combines a ponytail and bun to create a gorgeous hybrid of the two. This messy style is easy to achieve, just begin to pull your hair into a low ponytail, and then on the last loop of the hair tie do not pull the hair all the way through. This will create a small loop, with a long bit of hair hanging down. This is ideal for women with hair loss at the base of the scalp as it can very easily cover any balding patches in seconds.

Miu Miu 
Miu Miu gave models low pigtails using ornate headbands to create a fierce but gorgeous style. Models were given a centre parting, and side bangs were loosely stuck to the forehead and side of the face to soften the look. Lips were painted in tones of blue and berry red to finish off the look. Get this look at home using small hairbands to secure the low ponytails, and hairspray to keep bangs in place. Ombre lips can be achieved using a dark red lipstick as a base colour all over the lips, and then by applying a blue lipstick to the inner part of the lips and blending this outwards.

Alexis Mabille
At Alexis Mabille they recreated a 70s look on their models using tropical colours on the eyes in stripes, while blusher was applied heavily on the cheekbones. This look can be toned down for everyday use, and pale blues and yellows can be applied in stripes across the eyelids, while blusher can be applied gently to the cheeks over the top of a light coverage foundation.

Dolce & Gabbana
Elegant makeup was used to give models a soft and luminous look on the catwalk this year, with lined eyes and plump lips. Messy up dos were wrapped with headbands, crowns and headscarves for a stylish and carefree style. To get this look, apply a light coverage foundation to your face, and then dab a highlighter on the high parts of your face such as your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and brow bones. Apply black eyeliner above your eyes and finish with a small, feline flick at the end. Lips can be lined with a pale pink liner, and then filled in with a neutral lipstick or lip gloss. To complete the look, hair can be thrown up in a messy bun and finished with a sparkly headband.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Male Hair Loss – The Genes Behind Grey Hair

Each year in the UK alone we spend about £350 million on hair dye to try cover our greying locks. Grey hair has gone widely unexplained for years, however there have been recent breakthroughs in research which has found that genes are to blame. Following this development, scientists are set to quickly find a preventative method to solve the issue of turning grey.

By the age of 50 half of the hairs on the head of an average British person will be grey, and many turn to dye as a result. If you suffer from male hair loss, and your hair is also turning grey, resist the temptation to dye your hair. Hair dyes are full of harsh chemicals which will cause further damage to your hair. Many celebrities now embrace their grey hair, and wear it with confidence and style, and you too can pull off this fashionable look.

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Turning grey can be accelerated by your lifestyle and overall health, and problems such as stress, smoking, drug abuse, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can all add to how quickly you turn grey.

The common cause of grey hair has now been found to be down to genes, thanks to a study which analysed over 6,000 people to find out exactly what was producing their grey tresses. The gene, called IRF4, has links to grey hair, and is known to regulate the production and storage of melanin. Melanin determines hair, skin and eye colour, and can turn hair grey as you get older.

This new discovery could quickly lead to the development of new cosmetics to prevent grey hair, or to slow down the greying process. In the meantime, try to avoid too much sunlight, and live a healthy life to prevent your hair turning grey prematurely.

Celebrities Who Embrace Their Grey Hair

Both male and female celebrities are embracing grey hair as they grow older, and have been praised by the media for ditching the dyes. Jamie Lee Curtis has had a full head of grey hair since 2004, and keeps it in a short and edgy style to keep her looking trendy and young. Grey hair can catch people’s attention in the same way as platinum blonde, so for a more subtle approach a short hair do looks elegant and chic.

George Clooney, known by many as a silver fox, has used his grey hair to land himself several roles in films such as Three Kings and Ocean’s Eleven, where his hair added to his character perfectly. Sales of grey hair dye rocketed after the reveal of his salt and pepper hair, with Amazon reporting sales to have risen by 80%.

Blondes often have a gradual, less noticeable transition into grey, such as Helen Mirren who slowly let her natural hair colour show. She keeps her look fresh with blond highlights and current hairstyles, which are tailored to suit her face shape and age. Short styles look beautiful as you age, and will frame your face to highlight your natural beauty.

Mark Foster, a retired Olympic swimmer, rocks the grey hair and pulls it off with his masculine charm. With thick grey hair he is able to pull off a variety of hairstyles, however he is most commonly seen with a short quiff, styled with wax.

Blythe Danner, a famous actress, has aged gracefully with her pale grey hair, which is often styled with a natural wave to give her hair texture and volume. This style allows her to look youthful while pulling off her grey hair with ease.

Best known for his role in the Spider-Man trilogy, Joe Manganiello went grey a few years ago and has effortlessly pulled off the look since. Going from long to short styles, Manganiello has transitioned to grey with confidence and ease. His salt and pepper beard adds to his stylish appearance, and is always kept in top condition.

If you would like more advice on keeping thin hair in good condition, visit The London Centre of Trichology