Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hair Loss London – Fashionable Hats for Women

Alopecia in women is far more common than often realised and has been hitting the headlines recently with more women taking steps to combat hair loss. London Centre of Trichology can help, as we have more than 60 years’ of experience, so you can rely on our team of experts. We will quickly diagnose your condition and advise you on how best to tackle it, deciding on a programme of treatment with you.

In the time between first noticing your problem and starting treatment, if you are feeling a lack of self-esteem, you may want to think about ways to boost your confidence. There are all sorts of tricks and cover-ups which can help to disguise hair loss – from London salons' newest hairstyles to fashionable scarves and pretty hair accessories – and one of these is choosing a hat that suits your face shape and style. From winter hats to summer caps, there are all sorts of hats that look stylish and fashionable and can even become your signature look!

Many female celebrities are known for wearing stylish hats, to shield themselves from the sun, hide from the Paparazzi or just because they like the look, and not just because of hair loss. Here, London Centre of Trichology will turn the spotlight on some of the hats that are bang on trend this season and can help create the perfect style.

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Newsboy Cap –  This casual headgear is similar in style to a flat cap, but rounder in shape and typically with a button on top. As its name indicates, this style started out as a hat for men and, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was especially associated with newspaper boys. However, recently it has become a top choice for women, often in tweed. The Duchess of Cambridge has given a Royal seal of approval to this look, while singers Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have all been seen wearing these caps too.

Cloche Hats – The word “cloche” is the French for bell, and that describes the shape of these hats, which were popular in the 1920s. This type of chic cap started out as evening wear but was later adapted as a straw or cotton summer hat too. In the 21st century, cloches have made a comeback after being worn by Angelina Jolie in the film 'The Changeling', set in the 1920s, with Victoria Beckham among the stars who have adopted this look.  

Floppy Hat/Wide Brimmed Hat – The perfect choice for summer wear is a sun hat with a wide, floppy brim, giving great protection from the sun's rays. Film star Anne Hathaway and actress Keri Russell, currently appearing as a glamorous spy in the retro TV drama 'The Americans', are among the celebrities who favour this ever-popular summer staple, which is also great for sheltering their faces from the cameras.

Western Style Hat
– If you've ever seen a Western, you know this type of hat, with its wide turned-up cowboy brim. However, modern-day cowgirls and country music stars often tend to favour a lighter straw version, sometimes trimmed with beads. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones is one famous fan of cowboy hats, along with American singer Jessica Simpson and country star Carrie Underwood.

Girls' Fedora – Back in the Prohibition era of the 1920s, the Fedora was very much a men's hat, associated with gangsters. Male celebrities still wear this style of hat, but if anything it is even more popular with female stars, including actress Cameron Diaz who has been spotted wearing a white fedora.

Military style Cap – Lady Gaga, a superstar who has in the past spoken out about her own problems with hair loss, is one of the celebrities wearing soldier-style headgear, while Madonna has also often been seen in military caps.

Baseball Cap or Snapback Hat – Originally made popular in America, these casual hats are now worn in summer in the UK too by men and women alike, and were one of the fashion trends featured on the catwalk last year. 'Twilight' actress Kristen Stewart is among the celebs seen wearing a baseball cap.

Women’s Bowler Hat –If you thought bowler hats were just for male civil servants in bygone ages, think again. This style of hat has been making a comeback as chic women's wear, and Keira Knightley gave the bowler a boost by wearing one in a perfume ad, while Sienna Miller and Fearne Cotton have also been seen sporting the hats.

Faux Fur Cap –  For warm and stylish winter hats, you can't beat Russian-style false fur. Singer Kate Bush wore a hat in this style as the crowning touch to a whole outfit for snowy weather while promoting her album '50 Words for Snow'.

Beanies/Knitted Hats – These warm caps are also thought of as winter wear, but now increasingly worn all the year round in different fabrics. Singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding gave the look a slight twist by wearing a multi-coloured beanie with a pom-pom attached.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hats that are Right on Trend this Year

If you are losing your hair, there are various ways of coping with it and the London Centre of Trichology will be able to guide you through the various forms of treatment for male hair loss.

In the meantime, however, if you are feeling at a low ebb because of your receding hairline, there are various ways that you can disguise your hair loss and even reinvent yourself in the process.

Various celebrities are known for wearing hats – such as Johnny Depp, star of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films and a host of other smash hits. Depp is rarely seen without a hat, ranging from fedoras to beanie hats, and it was even reported in the media that his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis asked him to get rid of his huge collection of hats because they were taking up two whole rooms.

Another famous hat-wearer is heart-throb Jude Law, star of films like 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Cold Mountain', who often wears a fedora. Both he and Depp have been named as among the top 20 best-dressed men in Hollywood. Also turning heads is sex symbol and Titanic star Billy Zane who started shaving his head in the late 1990s and has been snapped sporting flat caps.

In summer time, it is important to apply sun block to a bald scalp to prevent it getting burned by the sun. Another way to help shield your scalp from the sun’s rays is to wear a hat and here are some top looks to take you through from spring until summer.

Here are some of the stylish hats which are favoured by some famous faces. Do note that not all of the celebrities featured here wear a hat because of male hair loss. Some have a full head of hair and the hat is simply a style choice.

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Fedora – This felt hat with a brim was originally popular in the 1920s to early 1960s, linked with the era of prohibition and gangsters and worn by stars like Humphrey Bogart on the silver screen. Fedoras look great with suits, but can also be teamed with more casual clothes and have recently made a spectacular fashion comeback, worn by sex symbols like actor Brad Pitt and heart-throb Jon Hamm in his role as Don Draper in American 1960s TV drama series 'Mad Men'.

Trilby – A trilby is a type of fedora with a shorter brim, taking its name from George du Maurier's 1890s novel 'Trilby', after the hat was worn in the first stage production of the novel. It was actually the heroine, Trilby, who wore the hat on stage, but it went on to become popular wear for men. Like fedoras, trilbies have recently made a comeback and can be worn with suits – to add a quirky touch – or more casual outfits. Actor and singer Justin Timberlake is a big fan, while Mick Jagger wore a matching black-and-while trilby and jacket on stage with The Rolling Stones last year.

Flat Cap – Flat caps are most popular in tweed, but you can also get them in many other fabrics. The traditional 'cloth cap' was worn by working-class men in 19th-century Britain and later became especially popular as upper-crust country clothing – but nowadays the cap has been made chic by a younger generation of wearers, such as actor Billy Zane and James Bond star Daniel Craig. Flat caps look especially good with casual clothing such as denim or leather jackets.

Baseball Cap or Snapback Hat– Baseball caps first became popular in the US but are now a casual summer staple in the UK too. An alternative is the snapback hat, a baseball-style hat where you can adjust the size by using a snap fastening at the back. Singer and actor Chris Brown wears baseball caps as his trademark, while other stars pictured wearing them include 'Twilight' heart-throb Robert Pattinson, film superstar Tom Cruise and a host of others.

Bowler hat – The bowler hat is best-known for being traditionally worn by civil servants and office workers, but it was also popular in the American West and Paul Newman wears one in classic movie 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'. More recently, Colin Firth wore a bowler in 'The King's Speech', leading to a surprise demand for the classic hat on the high street.

Beanie Hats – Beanie hats are usually thought of as winter wear, as warm knitted caps to help keep you cosy. However, these are now becoming a fashion favourite all year round for many and a rival to the baseball cap. Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher are just a few of the celebrities who have been seen wearing this type of headgear.

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

How to Cope with Male Hair Loss

It's well-known that hair loss is traumatic for women – but male hair loss can be hard to cope with too. A quarter of men start to go bald in their 30s and, although some men are hardly bothered by a receding hairline or a thinning crown, to others it can be extremely upsetting.

By far the most common cause of male hair loss is male pattern baldness and there is more than a 50 per cent chance of receiving the baldness gene. This type of baldness typically starts with a receding hairline or with a loss of hair on the crown of the head. Eventually, hair loss is likely to occur in both areas until most of the head becomes bald.

This can cause a number of psychological effects on men, as a full head of hair often relates to youthfulness and men feel that losing their hair means losing their looks. They may feel less attractive to others and could start to lose their self-esteem. Some men may feel self-conscious at social gatherings and even have difficulty concentrating at work because of worry about their appearance.

Nationally, there are thousands of men seeking surgical and non surgical treatment for hair loss every year, including some well known household names. Fortunately, the London Centre of Trichology has decades of experience of treating hair loss and is there to help you and others cope with male pattern baldness and receive the most up-to-date treatment available.

Here we have put together some of the top tips on coping with male hair loss.

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Know that Male Hair Loss Isn’t Linked to Sex Appeal – There are many male film and TV action heroes with hair loss who are admired worldwide such as: superstars Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, icon of cool Samuel L Jackson, film hard man Jason Statham, and former EastEnders actor turned presenter Ross Kemp. None of them have lost their sex appeal for female fans because of their changing looks. During his time as Captain Picard in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', actor Patrick Stewart was also a heart-throb for millions of viewers. Bald icons of the past include Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas, TV's Kojak – who had the catchphrase: “Who loves you, baby?” The answer was, just about everybody.

Small Changes Such as a New Hairstyle Can Give You a Boost
– There are various ways to disguise thinning hair or a receding hairline, for instance by opting for shorter or longer styles, such as a modern gelled or spiked look. Just get in touch with your local hairdresser who will be able to help and advise you. However, hairstyles won't alter the fact of hair loss so, if you have your heart set on receiving treatment, it is always better to visit the clinic as soon as you spot the first signs of baldness or receding hair rather than waiting.

Go With the Flow and Show Off Your New Look
– As the popularity of so many bald male stars shows, women aren’t put off by baldness. As an alternative to a hairstyle which disguises hair loss, embracing your new look and shaving off your hair at the first signs of baldness could be more attractive than trying to disguise it. Many women say that confidence and personality are the things that appeal to them most in a man – and bald men often have plenty of both because they have had to get used to their maturing looks.

Open Up About Your Fears to Your Friends or Family – If you are worried about losing your hair, don't suffer in silence but confide in your nearest and dearest. You will be surprised to find how many of you are in the same boat. Opening up to your friends or family and discussing your concerns is a great way to help you boost your self-esteem and you could also end up helping them too.

Make it Part of Your Image – Following the example of many superstars with hair loss, you may want to make your thinning hair part and parcel of your image. Perhaps you could make sunglasses your signature look or maybe sport a new cap or hat. Celebrities like Jude Law and Johnny Depp have helped to make hats stylish again and many singers and actors choose to wear them even if they have a full head of hair.

However you feel about male hair loss, it is important to know that you are not alone in facing the problem. Here at the London Centre of Trichology, we are the experts in treating male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss. Our central London clinic offers free consultations where a diagnosis can be made and we can then start treatments, so that you can look to the future with new confidence.

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hair Loss London: Hair Loss in the Headlines

Hair loss is constantly hitting the London headlines, as an increasing number of celebrities feel brave enough to speak out about their own personal battles on this front. The most recent person who has been in the news is the controversial politician Nadine Dorries, 56, who appeared on ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’.

Dorries talked about her battle with hair loss when she appeared on ITV's 'Daybreak' this month, revealing that she first discovered the problem when she was filming a TV interview a few weeks ago, as she spotted a camera showing the back of her head and noticed a bald patch. The outspoken Conservative MP said she said she was constantly in tears after she discovered her hair was falling out, calling it a “confidence stealer” and saying she felt it was affecting her femininity. She was not sure of the cause but thought that stress could be a factor. Dorries said she was having treatment to try to address her hair loss and would be receiving injections.

When celebrities like Dorries speak out about their own battles with hair loss, they reduce the stigma attached to this and also provide hope to millions of other people with the problem, as they let people know through the media that there is treatment available. We have a wealth of knowledge about treatments for hair loss at the London Centre of Trichology. We have been treating people for 57 years, ever since we were established, and our specialists can offer help and hope to both men and women who are feeling the effects of hair loss.

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Other Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Hair Loss

Nadine Dorries is following in the footsteps of other celebrities who have spoken out about their hair loss and how traumatic they found it. Their frank comments have helped to make other people going through the same thing realise that they are not alone and decide to deal with their own condition.

Actress Anna Kendrick, 27, who rose to fame in the smash hit 'Twilight' films, admitted last year in a TV interview that the pressure of sudden stardom had resulted in her finding that her hair was falling out. She said: “My body was telling me that things were getting crazy”. Anna's hair grew back naturally but, if you need expert advice to tackle your hair loss, the London Centre of Trichology can help.

TV presenter Esther Rantzen, who still looks glamorous at 72, has told in the media how she has always had thin hair and has regularly worn wigs on TV and at red-carpet events over the years, but has now decided to ditch the wigs, commenting: “My hair may be flat, fine and limp but it is still my own.”

In some cases, celebrities think that their hair loss could be the result of extreme hair treatments such as dramatic dyeing or use of hair extensions. 'Mad Men' actress January Jones, best-known as 1960s blonde bombshell Betty Draper, admitted earlier this year in an interview with a fashion magazine that she had been losing large clumps of hair. She blamed extreme hair dyes, after dyeing her hair different colours for a succession of roles.

Singer Lady GaGa, who has dyed her naturally dark hair blonde for years, has also admitted in recent interviews that she has had problems with her bleached hair falling out and is reportedly using a treatment. In the past, Jennifer Aniston, whose hairstyle became one of the most famous in the world through her role as Rachel in hit comedy series 'Friends', also said her 'real hair was getting thinned out' by extensions, so she decided to go for a simpler style.

Although there may be more stigma attached to hair loss in women, men can also find it hard to cope with this. There are some male celebrities who have spoken out about their problems in this area, such as footballer Wayne Rooney, who has just undergone a nine-hour operation to top up his hair transplant from 2011. After his first transplant, Rooney said on Twitter: “I was going bald at 25, why not?” Actor James Nesbitt and Duncan Bannatyne of 'Dragons' Den' fame have also confirmed undergoing hair transplants.

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