Tuesday, 31 January 2017

5 Top Care Tips for Afro-Caribbean Hair

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Afro-Caribbean hair, beautiful as it is, can be prone to damage and hair loss, just like any other type of hair. At the London Centre of Trichology, we provide expert hair loss treatment, and will be happy to discuss any thinning hair problems with you. Due to its structure, Afro-Caribbean hair can be delicate, and more prone to breakage through lack of moisture. So, here are our top 5 tips to help you care for your hair and keep it in top condition.

Caring for Braids and Weaves – If you keep wearing braids or weaves too tight, this can begin to pull the hair from the scalp, leaving permanent damage around the hairline and the temples. This is known as traction alopecia and can be avoided by braiding and weaving your hair a little looser around these areas of the head. This may not be ideal, but it will help to avoid leading to women’s hair loss problems in the future.

Avoid Chemical Relaxing -  When a treatment to relax or straighten Afro-Caribbean hair is used, this includes certain chemicals which can cause skin irritation, due to the scalp producing less sebum than is needed. Relaxing can also damage your hair, so, if you want to wear your hair straight, it may be worth trying to find a product that is less harmful. It’s best to use milder products and it is also advisable to avoid combining relaxer with hair colouring.

Prevent Over Styling/Drying – Styling and the use of hair styling products, including straighteners, as well as permanent hair dyes, can cause hair loss issues over time if care is not taken. The over-use of a hair dryer can also cause damage to the hair, and it is advisable to use a diffuser to make the heat less intense. If you are suffering from hair loss, then we advise you to stop using these products.

Keep a Healthy Scalp – There are lots of scalp conditions which cause soreness, itching and flakiness. Some of these may often affect people with Afro hair, including psoriasis, eczema and folliculitis. It is best to seek medical advice if these conditions persist. They can lead to chronic irritation which then causes damage to the hair follicles and may potentially result in hair falling out. If you are concerned about hair loss, for whatever reason, it is advisable to consult our expert trichologists at the London Centre of Trichology as early as possible for a diagnosis and hair loss treatment.

Gentle Types of Shampoo/Conditioner – When using a shampoo or conditioner for Afro hair, you are likely to get the best results if you make sure it does not contain alcohol, is ph balanced and includes natural oils such as jojoba, tea tree or olive oil. These shampoos help to add much needed moisture to your hair condition. If you decide to switch from straightening to leaving your hair curly, there are conditioners which can help during the transition, including natural oils and butters. 
These hair care tips are not just aimed at females, because men with Afro-Caribbean hair can suffer from the same difficulties and issues as women. Men are also prone to male pattern baldness, which can affect self-esteem and confidence.

Whether you are female or male, if you are concerned about hair loss, the best way forward is to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our team at the LondonCentre of Trichology. We can advise on the best treatment for all hair types, including Afro-Caribbean hair.