Wednesday, 20 July 2016

This Summer’s Prettiest Hair Colours

Woman with dyed hair, summer colours
It is a common myth that dyeing your hair can actually cause hair loss; but this is not actually the case. In fact using the right colours, and having your hair professionally dyed can actually make your hair look thicker and, if done correctly, can enhance your best features, making the colour of your eyes stand out. 

Any trichologist in London, however, would advise on a patch test in advance of any hair dye treatment at your local salon. This is vital as it will check for any chemical or allergic reaction you may experience, as burns to the scalp – although uncommon – can cause minor to severe hair loss.

Meanwhile, if you are planning on getting your hair coloured by a professional stylist, there are plenty of fashionable colours to choose from this summer. From brunette, to buttery highlights on blonde hair or dark mahogany, the London Centre of Trichology takes a look at some of this season’s prettiest colours.

Buttery Blonde Highlights
A professional colourist can always advice you on the right colour to enhance your eyes and skin tone. If you are opting for a brighter, warmer look, buttering blonde highlights are very now and have been sported by the likes of singers BeyoncĂ© and Britney Spears, and ‘Spiderman’ actress Kirsten Dunst. The great thing about choosing this type of hair is that it goes with any eye colour.

Deep Mahogany
Deep mahogany hair has been fashioned by celebrities such as singer and ‘Unfabulous’ actress Emma Roberts, who is actually the niece of Julia Roberts. This strong and vibrant hair colour will make certain that you will stand out in a crowd this summer. Its rich dark shade is a real head turner and suits warmer skin tones.

Copper Colour with a Gradient
Hair colour with a gradient means colours that fade into one another, and may involve several colours. The hair is separated into segments before dyeing and the thinner the segments that are dyed, the more the colour appears to blend naturally. Among the celebrities opting for this hair colour include ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress Marcia Cross and ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Sophie Turner, who is actually a natural blonde rather than a red head.

Rich Caramel Blonde
This is a natural, warm, light brown hair colour that suits medium to darker skin tones. You can ask your stylist to leave paler highlights around your face to give your locks more of a sun-kissed look. This stunning hair colour has been worn by celebrities such as model Gigi Hadad and ‘Legally Blonde’ actress Reece Witherspoon.

Walnut Brown
This dark brown hair colour can make your eyes pop! It’s the ideal choice for brunettes who want to make a striking change. It is also perfect for those who have some grey strands that they want to cover up. Among the celebrities who have sported the walnut brown look include ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress Shay Mitchell.

Platinum Blonde
This colour is ideal for blondes who want to go even lighter and suits fair skin, or skin with a yellowish tint. It looks fantastic with any eye colour, especially with blue eyes, and is bang on trend this summer. Among the celebrities with this hair colour include reality TV star Kim Kardashian and singer Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, if you have any concerns about hair loss or scalp problems and are looking for an experienced trichologist in London, the London Centre of Trichology can help. We are easy to find in central London and have 60 years’ of experience in providing solutions for male and female hair loss. Just click on the link today to contact one of our leading trichologists, and to book an appointment.