Monday, 4 July 2016

Myths and Facts about Hair Loss

Man with short hair

Going bald can be worrying, and this is often made worse by many of the myths and rumours that you hear about male hair loss. Here, The London Centre of Trichology explains some of the myths about hair loss, as well as some of the less well known facts.

Hair Transplants Look Fake: Myth
Hair transplants are so advanced now that it is often very hard to spot someone who has had surgical treatment on their scalp. The hair that grows looks very natural, and will not stand out in a crowd. Wigs are also very natural looking for men experiencing hair loss, and human hair wigs are almost impossible to spot when secured correctly.

Only Men Suffer From Genetic Hair Loss: Myth

Over 40% of women suffer from hair loss at some point in their life, and this is often caused by genes in the family. Women often cover their hair loss using extensions and wigs which is why it is not as well known.

Men with hair loss

Hair Loss Comes From the Mother’s Side: Myth
Baldness is hereditary, however it can come from either side of the family. The gene can come from either your mother or father, or even your grandparents. Baldness can also be caused by a variety of other things such as health, diet, stress and over processing.

Washing Your Hair in Cold Water Can Boost Hair Growth: Myth
This may boost your blood circulation, however it is not proven to do anything for hair loss and growth. This is often thought to be true, however it has never been found to help improve the thickness or health of hair.

 If You Lose Hair Every Day You Must Be Balding: Myth
The average person loses around 100 hairs a day which is completely normal. However, if you have male pattern baldness then you may lose hair every day, but this will be a much higher amount. Normally, you will grow any hairs that fall out back.

Hairstyle for male hair loss

It’s Normal to Lose Hair after You Turn 30: Fact
Your hair naturally gets thinner as you grow older, and the number of hair follicles on your scalp will reduce over time. Hair will become finer and sparser as you age, however this is completely normal and is not a sign of male hair loss.

Some Hairstyles Can Cause Hair Loss: Fact
If you pull your hair up too tight in a man bun or ponytail it can lead to traction alopecia, where hair falls out due to too much tension on the follicles. This can be avoided with looser styles and snag free hair bands. Otherwise, hair can be worn down to avoid putting too much strain onto it.

Short hairstyle for men

Cutting Your Hair Can Reduce Hair Loss: Myth
This may help your hair to look and feel thicker, however it will not stop or prevent hair loss. Regular haircuts can keep your hair in good condition and split ends at bay, and it is good to try have a trim every eight weeks. After a haircut your hair will be thicker at base, giving it the illusion of volume and thickness.

Stress Causes Hair Loss: Fact
Extreme stress can often lead to hair loss in men, and can also cause premature greyness. Some people experience hair loss following extreme event such as a car crash or the death of a loved one, however this is not usually permanent.

 Mistreating Your Hair Can Cause Hair Loss: Fact
This may not cause permanent damage, but mistreated hair can become brittle and dry, and can often snap and break off.  Too much rough brushing, dying and exposure to heat can cause hair to weaken and fall out over time. Greasy hair can also cause problems with your scalp as it blocks the pores, and in the long run this can cause your hair to suffer.

If you are experiencing male hair loss in London, contact The London Centre of Trichology to find out more about how we can help you.