Thursday, 25 June 2015

The X-Men Factor: Shaved Heads Get the Superhero Treatment

One of the most eagerly-awaited blockbuster films is X-Men: Apocalypse, due to hit cinemas in summer 2016. Superstar actor James McAvoy, who stars as Professor X, has had his head shaved for the role this time round. This news, revealed by director Bryan Singer, could be a boost for some people with male hair loss, as it's likely the superhero film will make the shaved head look more fashionable.

However, not everybody with thinning hair will want to opt for this kind of style. If you are noticing hair loss but don't want to shave it all off, there are other styles you can choose to make the most of your remaining hair. For any man who is concerned about hair loss and seeking solutions, it's important to get advice as soon as possible, since early treatment is likely to be more effective. Contact the team at London Centre of Trichology for more information.

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Comic Book Icon
The X-Men, a band of superheroes, were first created in a series of Marvel comic books before making it to the cinema screen. Patrick Stewart originally played the role of the group's founder, Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, with a shaved head – but McAvoy played him with a shaggy head of hair in the more recent movie prequels. Now he is losing his locks in a move to the character's iconic look. As McAvoy is a heart-throb, it's likely that his bald look will lead to shaved heads being seen as more fashionable and sexy.

A number of other celebrities are already known for shaved or part-shaved heads, including Hollywood star Matt Damon, who adopted the look for the sci-fi thriller Elysium. Vin Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious film series, decided to go for the shaved look after experiencing natural male hair loss, and has made it his trademark. Others have opted not to go for a complete close shave, but instead have gone for a buzz cut, or close crop. Jake Gyllenhaal, Christian Bale and Twilight actor Robert Pattinson are among the A-listers who have been seen wearing this type of style.

Wearing the Shaved Head Look
Shaved heads and buzz cuts have an obvious appeal to men who are experiencing male pattern baldness or other types of hair loss. However, the look also appeals to many other men, who feel that it shows off the shape of their head and looks young and striking. Often a shaved head is teamed with a moustache or beard to create a great combination.

A close shave or crop has the advantage of keeping cool, making it a popular look for summer, and there are also other advantages, such as the need to spend less time on grooming. However, although one advantage of a shaved head is that you don't have to have your hair styled, a bald head still needs to be looked after.

After having your head shaved, you will need to apply sunscreen to avoid getting your scalp sunburnt, or alternatively wear a hat for protection. It's also advisable to wash and moisturise your scalp daily. There are some products available specifically for washing bald heads which combine both of these functions.

What If It's Not For You?
If you fancy the idea of a shaved head but are not sure it's for you, you could start off with a closely-cropped hairstyle or buzz cut before deciding whether to go all the way. While this style is increasingly popular, not all men will want to try a shaved head. You may feel that it wouldn't suit you, maybe because hair is important to your confidence or self-image, or because it would be frowned on in your particular workplace.

If you don't want to go the close shave route, there are many alternative styles which are also flattering for those with male hair loss, such as the undercut, a short layered style or a quiff. Which particular style will work for you depends on your personal taste and also your type of hair loss, but a hair stylist will be able to advise you.

If you're losing your hair and aren't happy about it, the best chances of success will come if you seek advice right away, rather than waiting. Trichologists at the London Centre of Trichology have many years of experience in advising people with both female and male hair loss, and specialise in natural hair loss treatments. Contact us for a free consultation in the first instance and you can find out what the best way forward is for you.

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