Thursday, 18 June 2015

Can Over-Styling Put Women's Hair Under Strain?

Advances in hair styling have given women far more choice about how to wear their crowning glory. Many people in the fast-moving London fashion scene now change their style almost as often as they change their outfit or make-up. However, while it is fun to experiment with different looks, the downside is the risk that some new techniques can put stress on our locks and even lead to or worsen women's hair loss.

If you are worried about thinning hair, your first instinct may be to disguise it with yet another change of style. This could possibly help your confidence in the short term, but there is a danger some new styles could even make things worse, by adding to the strain on your hair. The best way forward is to get advice and a quick hair loss diagnosis. Experts at the London Centre of Trichology can talk through your options and look at what is the best treatment for you.

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The Heat Is On for Our Hair
Many of us take heated hair tools for granted as an everyday beauty aid. These gadgets undoubtedly have many advantages, as they enable us to dry hair quickly after a shower and rush off to our next appointment, or to change our looks quickly and easily. If you fancy instant waves or want to straighten your hair, tongs or straighteners are likely to be the answer.

However, experts warn that heat can weaken hair, sapping away its natural oils, and lead to breakage. This is an especially worrying prospect if you are already suffering from female hair loss and need to take extra care of your locks. Products such as creams and serums are available which can give a degree of protection against heat, and many experts advise these should always be used in conjunction with dryers, hair irons or other heated tools. But it is still better for hair health to dry naturally where possible.

If you do need to use a hair dryer because of time constraints, the best advice is to hold the dryer at least 15cm away. Towel drying should also always be carried out gently, rather than rubbing your head too vigorously.

Risks of Brushing 
Despite the persistent myth that brushing your hair a lot will make it glossy and healthy, the fact is that over-brushing can cause harm. Using a hairbrush on the outer layer of your hair can all too easily end up damaging the cuticle or causing split ends, especially if you have long locks. Rather than brushing your hair too hard, it's better to comb out any tangles and then just brush over gently with a quality brush, preferably one with pure bristles.

If you are tempted to style your hair with a brush while using a dryer, be aware that using a “barrel brush” can result in damage. Brushes of this type are designed to stretch hair, and top stylists have warned that this means finer hair will be put under strain and weakened.

Other Techniques
It's well-known that bleaching causes damage to hair's structure by removing its natural pigment, and can therefore spoil the condition. But many other techniques also carry risks. This includes colouring, whether it's an all-over tint or highlights or lowlights, for instance to cover patches of grey. Although less damaging than bleach, dye can still affect your hair's condition and make it dry.

Perms might make hair look thicker, but they can also have the effect of weakening it, as can straightening it. There are also risks from styles which involve pulling hair tight, whether it's something as simple as back-combing or a pony tail or a more elaborate style such as a hair extension. If extensions aren't put in properly, they can even result in traction alopecia, which is among the reasons for women's hair loss.

Too much shampooing is another risk factor, because it removes natural oils and moisture within the hair. Modern shampoos are much gentler than in the past, and contain many nutrients, but, even so, if you notice your hair getting duller it could mean you are over-washing. And, however often you wash, it's important not to be too rough with your scalp, as this can end up damaging the cuticle.

The modern world puts many stresses on women's hair, and can lead to hair breakage or weakening and thinning. If you have noticed your hair getting thinner or perhaps a bald patch appearing, and are concerned about female alopecia or women's hair loss, contact the friendly and expert team at the London Centre of Trichology. We have many years of experience in treating both female and male hair loss, and specialise in natural solutions.

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