Thursday, 16 April 2015

Do You Need Hair to be Stylish?

Can you be stylish without a fashionable hair style to top off your look? What do people really feel about losing their hair? We photographed a handful of fashionattas in various hot spots out and about in Ipswich and asked about their thoughts on hair loss. From the architecturally renowned Willis Faber building to the main thoroughfare, we give a brief insight what men and women really think about hair loss – sometimes with surprising results.

Azwar and Anna Mackhdum 

“Yes you do need hair to be stylish,” said student Anna Mackhdum outside the town’s Buttermarket Shopping Centre. “I always take pride in my hair and use hair straighteners to make my hair look good. I have had hair loss…when I am really stressed, I lose lots of hair which makes me feel really sad.”

Support worker Azwar Makhdum said losing hair is sometimes inevitable but does affect how you feel: “Hair loss is natural,” he said. “But it does make you feel younger and more attractive with hair.”

Cherese Sadler

“So many people are experiencing hair loss. A lot of our clients are cancer patients and the NHS wigs are not very good. When people lose their hair, they feel upset, and feel that they are only ones going through it. But giving them a solution it makes people feel good about themselves. It makes them feel like a whole new person.”

Albert Southgate

Albert Southgate, Premium Technician at Willis Faber, said: “I am losing my hair, but am not too worried about it. My philosophy is to grow old gracefully.”

Simone Dorset

Musician Simone Dorset said that her hair sets her apart from the crowd and defines who she is: “For me, hair is one of my main things – people know me because of my hair. Today I have just put my hair up (I usually don’t have it like this). If my hair isn’t done I don’t feel so good.”

Nick Circelli

Nick Circelli, a barber at Adam and Eve’s hairdressers, said:  “Your hair is important as it is your crowning glory and gives you a confidence boost. If you feel good about your hair, you feel good about yourself. It finishes off an outfit as you are not ready to go out until your hair is done.”

“Men do get very self-conscious about their hair and ask me if they are losing their hair. If someone is I would say not to brush their hair over (the comb over look) as it makes it look worse.

“You can make the hair shorter, have a messy and textured style and finish it off with products (the bed head look). But I would advise not to use wet gels as this lumps the hair together and emphasises hair loss. For people who have a receding hairline, you can cover it up by bringing the hair forward.”

Tom Cotterill

Personal trainer Tom Cotterill, of the newly opened Anytime Fitness at the waterfront, said: hair is important to style and overall body image. “I know people who have suffered with alopecia and lost their confidence.

“Some men can carry it off without hair…certainly if they have a nice face and strong jaw. If I lost my hair I would definitely do something about it. I’d undertake hair loss treatment or do what Wayne Rooney did and get a hair transplant!”

Anthony Bannister

By the Giles Circus Statue on the Cornhill, personal trainer Anthony Bannister, also of Anytime Fitness, said your hair isn’t essential to the overall look. “Whether or not you are stylish really depends on how you feel on the inside. This is what comes across to other people, making you look and feel attractive.”

Amanda Cresswell  

Writer Amanda Cresswell, near the historic Ipswich Unitarian Church building, agreed that style depends on what you wear and how you feel.

“There are lots of people who either have lost their hair or are losing their hair, but still look they great with it – Kyle Minogue for instance. My mum lost a lot of her hair when she had cancer, but she wore some really stylish head bands.”

Chris Stevens

“My hair is about who I am. I did have really long bleached hair and now it is shorter and darker,” said Chris Stevens outside the shopping area, The Walk.

“Everyone has their own style and hair is important to that, but if I did lose my hair I would wear hats and bandanas.”

Kaylan Hogan 

Outside the landmark building Ancient House in Ipswich, Kaylan Hogan, who works as a health advisor, said style goes hand in hand with confidence. “It really depends on who you are and how you feel (and right now I’m rocking it!)

“Sometimes have a skin head and sometimes I have it longer…I really don’t care. But having said that, if I did have a hair loss problem yes it would upset me.”

David Simpson

Claims technician David Simpson, posing outside the famous Willis Faber building where he works, is losing his hair but still tops the fashion league. “You don’t need hair to be stylish – grow a beard!”

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