Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top Beard Trends for 2015

With ever more celebrities embracing the look, 2015 has been described as the “Year of the Beard”. Many stars have turned up wearing different variations of facial hair at awards ceremonies such as the Golden Globes. The good news is that beards and moustaches look great worn by men with male hair loss. Indeed, some people with full heads of hair in London and other cities are deliberately shaving their heads to focus more attention on their beards.  

Beards, stubble and moustaches are all currently in fashion, with many men looking for new ways to wear their facial hair. Some trend-setters are even colouring their beards for a different look, using semi-permanent or henna dyes.

Many men find that thinning locks hit their confidence. If you have this problem, it's best to seek advice from London Centre of Trichology immediately, as early hair loss treatment is likely to prove the most successful option. But, in the meantime, growing a beard can be a way of giving yourself a boost and creating a new look which makes you feel good.

The best beard style for you depends on factors such as your face shape and hair texture, but here is a look at seven top beard and moustache styles of the moment.

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The Goatee – One of the most popular current styles, this involves letting the hair below your bottom lip grow, and is usually the width of your mouth or chin. Stars who have tried this type of beard include Robert Downey Jr in his Iron Man role, as well as Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Gary Lineker. A goatee looks especially good on men with an oval or square face.

French Beard –  A variant on the goatee, this look sees a small beard around the chin, together with a moustache. There are different versions of this style, but they all rely on the hair being well trimmed. Will Smith has been seen sporting a French beard, and they are also popular with many Bollywood actors.

Chin Curtain  – This style is in effect a full beard, but without a moustache. The most fashionable spin on this look is trimmed to create a strip of hair running down from the ears and round the jaw. A chin curtain is especially effective if you have a longer face shape. Actor Zac Efron is one of the famous names who has worn this facial hair fashion.

Petit Handlebar Moustache – A bushy handlebar moustache is instantly recognisable – but have you come across a petit handlebar? This daringly different 'tache is shorter than the traditional handlebar, but still has the curved ends, usually created with styling wax. Johnny Depp wears this look in his 2015 spy film Mortdecai, with slicked-back hair for added retro glamour.

Anchor Beard – As you might guess from its name, this sailor-style beard resembles an anchor, with a line of hair coming down from under the lower lip, to meet a triangular shape running from the jawline around the chin. It looks great with a bald head, as X-Men star Hugh Jackman will demonstrate in his role as pirate Blackbeard in the forthcoming film Pan.

Short Boxed Beard – This sculpted beard cropped around the jaw is especially flattering for rounder face shapes. Because of its smart appearance, it is ideal for men who need to look well-groomed for the office. Keeping the look relies on regularly shaving under your beard to avoid it getting straggly. George Clooney and Jude Law are among the actors who have adopted this beard.

Soul Patch – If you aren't sure you want to go very far with the bearded look, this mini-beard could be the way to go. Actors Kevin Costner and John Travolta and singer Bruce Springsteen have all sported a soul patch. It is just a small patch of hair below the lower lip, constantly trimmed to keep the chosen shape.

Beards are so popular at the moment that glamorous models even wore a “crystal beard” for women, a lower face mask studded with jewels, at Paris Fashion Week in January 2015. However, it remains to be seen whether this particular look will ever make it off the catwalk and into the shops!

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