Thursday, 16 January 2014

Eight Amazing New Hair Looks for Women this Season

If you have just noticed that you are suffering from female hair loss, it is bound to be a worrying time, but the good news is that expert help is available. Just get in touch with London Centre of Trichology, and our team of specialists will quickly be able to diagnose your problem and set about arranging hair loss treatment. Remember, the sooner treatments start, the greater the likelihood  it will be successful, so it is best not to lose any time in getting a diagnosis.

Unfortunately, you may well find that your self-confidence is suffering as a result of female hair loss. One way to give yourself a boost is to try a new hairstyle which is better suited to coping with thinning hair and which will help you to feel more confident before you start hair loss consultations with our London-based experts.

Here we will look at some of the new hairstyles which are in vogue for winter 2013-14, including some which are suited to women with female pattern hair loss.

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1. Slicked-Back Hair:
One of the hottest catwalk looks of the moment sees unparted hair swept back over the head and slicked back with gel, with straight hair at the sides. This is a look which can work well if your hair is thinning on the crown, as you can cover it up by sweeping back the fringe. A pixie crop, with a side parting, can also be slicked back, or you could combine this look with an "up-do" or bun.

2. Fringes: These are very much back in fashion again, in all shapes and sizes. Heavy 1960s-Mary Quant-style fringes and uneven wisps are both in vogue, as well as blunt cuts. If you want to wear a full fringe but slightly soften the look, you could let it taper at the sides with some longer strands. Or, for a different and modern twist, how about growing your fringe long and then sweeping it sideways across the forehead with gel? If you don't want to go to the time and trouble of growing a fringe, clip-on versions are also in fashion.

3. Deep Side Parting: Another dramatic style sees the hair parted deep on one side, with hair swept across the crown. This works equally well with a short cut, a bun or a low ponytail, which is one of the popular ways to wear long hair at the moment. Gel or spray can add a slick touch to this type of style, or you can make the parting uneven and the hair slightly tousled for a more relaxed version of the look.

4. Retro Punk: Outrageous multi-coloured punk rock hairstyles have featured on the catwalks recently, with long spikes of hair sticking out in all directions. While these amazing styles might look striking on models, it's unlikely that they will prove very popular on the high street - as they just aren't practical for most women to wear to work or around the house! However, elements of the punk rock look, such as long, spiky fringes and uneven hair at the back and sides, are likely to catch on. Two-tone hairstyles offer another spin on this, for instance with blonde on top and dark hair underneath.

5. Crimping: If you're looking for an alternative to straight and slick, but don't want to go for one of the wilder hairstyles of the moment, then crimping could be a look to consider. This 1990s style is making a surprise comeback at the moment, with a crimped ponytail as one of the ways to wear the look, 21st-century style. 

6. Accessories: Some models in recent fashion shows have been seen wearing tiaras, which most women might find a bit much for everyday wear – although they could be fun at a party. However, there are also many other accessories which are set to contribute to the latest hairstyles, such as wide hair-bands worn over slicked-back hair or slides to hold your pony-tail.

7. Long Crop: If you are suffering from women's hair loss, this is a look which can help to add an appearance of volume to thinning hair, as the hair is kept the same length all over your head. It also features a fringe, which is very much on-trend.

8. Waves and Curls: If you have long hair, then another of the hot looks for the coming season is to wear it loose with romantic curls or waves. Bright red curly or wavy hair is especially fashionable, but, if your hair is not naturally red, it's best to get advice from a hair salon rather than trying any dramatic colour changes at home.

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