Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hairstyles for Men Aged Over 40

Many men over 40 would like to change their hair style, but are unsure about which type of cut to choose, especially if their hair is starting to thin or their hairline is beginning to recede. However, there are a range of styles you can choose from which are particularly suitable for the over-40s. Some of them are particularly effective at disguising male hair loss.

If you are concerned about men’s hair loss and want to seek treatment, the best way forward is to get expert advice  as early as possible. The London Centre of Trichology has decades of experience, and can offer expert diagnosis and treatment. 

Classic Caesar Cut: This is named after Roman emperor Julius Caesar, who styled his hair forward, creating a short fringe. It is believed he did this to hide his early-onset baldness. True or not, the Caesar haircut is a good choice for men who are either noticing hair loss or who just want short, fashionable hair.
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Short Textured Cut: This is another hairstyle favoured by men who want to disguise a receding hairline. It keeps the texture on the top, so providing a distraction to the position of the hairline. For an added effect, use a close cut on the sides. This type of style is also suitable for men with greying or thinning hair.

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Short Layered Cut: This is a sensible style which can help to make your hair look thicker. Often with this type of cut, your hair will be swept away from your face, giving texture and volume. It works well on men with grey hair. This type of hairstyle works well for women over 40 as well.

Faux Hawk: Sometimes simply called the fohawk, this is a cut for the more adventurous and has been popularised by David Beckham among others. The sides are usually clipped short, and the hair left longer at the top where it can be spiked or formed into a point, depending on what works best with the texture. It is usually cut and styled with scissors rather than a razor. The faux hawk can also be adapted for work or social occasions, depending on how you brush it. 

Mohawk: This is similar in style to the faux hawk and works well on those men want to disguise a receding hairline. The hair should be cut close around the temples and forehead where the receding lines are most often seen. The top portion can then be styled into a mohawk, which need not be as extreme as those seen in the punk era, to provide a distraction. 

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Classic Short Back and Sides: A versatile and timeless haircut, as it can look either casual or formal, depending on how you treat it. Treating it with a clay-based hair product may help achieve the former look, while styling in into a side parting could give you the latter.

Buzz Cut: Some men choose the option of being completely clean shaven, including the face and head. No lines are visible if the hair is shaved away. Many men choose this method once their hairline has started to recede noticeably, or their hair is thinning out a great deal.

If you are worried about male hair loss, contact the London Centre of Trichology for a consultation. After more than half a century of offering advice, diagnosis and treatments, we have gained an excellent reputation in the field of hair loss. We can explain the type of hair loss you have, including male pattern baldness and the best way to treat it. Follow the link to arrange a free initial consultation and find out more about our services. We offer a whole range of expert treatments, including hair replacement.