Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Are you looking for a new hairstyle? Most women like to change their look occasionally, but finding a new style you can live with can become harder as you get a bit older. Some high-fashion styles which look great on teenagers are not quite so ideal for over-40s, at an age where hair can often start to become drier and you might also be noticing some hair thinning.

If you are worried about women’s hair loss, it is important to get advice as early as possible to achieve the best results. When deciding between London clinics for trichology, you will want to find a centre with a good reputation. The London Centre of Trichology is ideal, since we have decades of experience and offer expert diagnosis and treatment.

In the meantime, there are some styles which are especially flattering for those of us with thinning hair and can help to make locks appear thicker. In particular, shorter styles can often look good on older women. Here we discuss some of the best on-trend hairstyles for more mature hair.

Pixie cut, hairstyle for older women, female hair loss

Pixie Cuts: One reason for the enduring popularity of this style is that layering and texturing can make hair look more interesting and individual. A pixie cut is also ideally suited to finer hair, helping to give it extra body. There are many ways to vary the pixie style to suit your face shape and individual taste, for instance by choosing a full fringe or one which is swept over to the side. Fringes are popular with women over 40 because of their ability to cover up facial lines, but unfortunately if a fringe looks too straight and heavy it can have an ageing effect. Pixie cuts avoid this by giving the fringe a softer, feathery look.

Bobs: A popular short style with all ages, bobs are the choice of many celebrities. If your hair is straight and fine, or if you have noticed thinning locks, it can be difficult to find a style which gives you both volume and shape. A well-cut bob can do this, however, making a striking impression. There are also various ways of adapting the look, such as by opting for a slightly longer, tousled bob which perhaps has soft layers around your face.

Asymmetric Cuts: Uneven haircuts are very fashionable and can be regarded as an edgy younger style, but they can also look great on those over 40. One popular look is an asymmetric bob with longer hair on one side, curving softly around the chin. Alternatively, you could have your hair cropped at the back and wear it longer at the front, perhaps with a long fringe swept forward to the side. There are a number of other asymmetric styles to choose from, which can be varied to suit your face shape and the colour and thickness of your hair.

short layered women's hairstyle, grey hair, thinning hair

Short Layered Cuts: If you are looking for a practical hairstyle which you can live with, a shorter layered style will give volume and help to make your hair look thicker. Often with this type of cut your hair will be swept away from your face, giving texture and volume. This is a look that can be flattering for women of all ages, including those with grey hair. You could also use a decorative slide to help hold your hair back.

Shoulder length hair, older woman

Shoulder Length Hair: While many over-40s might choose to wear their hair short, longer hairstyles are still popular with this age group too. Layering can be the key to making this type of cut look good, defining the hair and making it appear thicker. With any longer cut, however, it is more important than ever to keep hair in good condition, not letting it grow straggly or wispy, and to ensure it is regularly trimmed. 

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