Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Male Hair Loss – The Genes Behind Grey Hair

Each year in the UK alone we spend about £350 million on hair dye to try cover our greying locks. Grey hair has gone widely unexplained for years, however there have been recent breakthroughs in research which has found that genes are to blame. Following this development, scientists are set to quickly find a preventative method to solve the issue of turning grey.

By the age of 50 half of the hairs on the head of an average British person will be grey, and many turn to dye as a result. If you suffer from male hair loss, and your hair is also turning grey, resist the temptation to dye your hair. Hair dyes are full of harsh chemicals which will cause further damage to your hair. Many celebrities now embrace their grey hair, and wear it with confidence and style, and you too can pull off this fashionable look.

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Turning grey can be accelerated by your lifestyle and overall health, and problems such as stress, smoking, drug abuse, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can all add to how quickly you turn grey.

The common cause of grey hair has now been found to be down to genes, thanks to a study which analysed over 6,000 people to find out exactly what was producing their grey tresses. The gene, called IRF4, has links to grey hair, and is known to regulate the production and storage of melanin. Melanin determines hair, skin and eye colour, and can turn hair grey as you get older.

This new discovery could quickly lead to the development of new cosmetics to prevent grey hair, or to slow down the greying process. In the meantime, try to avoid too much sunlight, and live a healthy life to prevent your hair turning grey prematurely.

Celebrities Who Embrace Their Grey Hair

Both male and female celebrities are embracing grey hair as they grow older, and have been praised by the media for ditching the dyes. Jamie Lee Curtis has had a full head of grey hair since 2004, and keeps it in a short and edgy style to keep her looking trendy and young. Grey hair can catch people’s attention in the same way as platinum blonde, so for a more subtle approach a short hair do looks elegant and chic.

George Clooney, known by many as a silver fox, has used his grey hair to land himself several roles in films such as Three Kings and Ocean’s Eleven, where his hair added to his character perfectly. Sales of grey hair dye rocketed after the reveal of his salt and pepper hair, with Amazon reporting sales to have risen by 80%.

Blondes often have a gradual, less noticeable transition into grey, such as Helen Mirren who slowly let her natural hair colour show. She keeps her look fresh with blond highlights and current hairstyles, which are tailored to suit her face shape and age. Short styles look beautiful as you age, and will frame your face to highlight your natural beauty.

Mark Foster, a retired Olympic swimmer, rocks the grey hair and pulls it off with his masculine charm. With thick grey hair he is able to pull off a variety of hairstyles, however he is most commonly seen with a short quiff, styled with wax.

Blythe Danner, a famous actress, has aged gracefully with her pale grey hair, which is often styled with a natural wave to give her hair texture and volume. This style allows her to look youthful while pulling off her grey hair with ease.

Best known for his role in the Spider-Man trilogy, Joe Manganiello went grey a few years ago and has effortlessly pulled off the look since. Going from long to short styles, Manganiello has transitioned to grey with confidence and ease. His salt and pepper beard adds to his stylish appearance, and is always kept in top condition.

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