Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Damaging Effects of Female Hair Loss

Let us look at the emotional and physical traumas suffered by women when the spectre of hair loss rears its head. A woman sets great store by her physical appearance and particularly by the way her hair looks and will often spend some considerable time in a bathroom, making sure her ‘crowning glory’ looks as good as it possibly can. For many, this preening is part of a ritualistic process and the prelude to attracting a mate and so it has to be just right. When it starts to go wrong then, when it starts to fall out, the results can be catastrophic, ruinous to a woman’s self image and devastating to her self confidence.

A woman’s self esteem can take a battering while she is battling with hair loss. She may not wish to be seen out in public, she may feel that she has to hide herself away under hats or scarves and dark glasses if she wants to step outside and if she does venture out, she certainly won’t want to be stopped for a chat. Her confidence will be all but lost. If she does not seek help and none is forthcoming, she could quickly sink into depression with the feeling that there is nothing she can do and that she is destined to wear some form of headgear or hair replacement for the rest of her days.

This can lead to a complete loss of self worth and in some cases it has been cited as the reason for a marital breakup and even for attempted suicide.

But, painful as it may be, it is not the end of the world and can, in many, many cases be treated successfully, please read on...

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Can female hair loss be prevented?

In the majority of cases of female hair loss, if the condition is caught early enough, further hair loss can be prevented with the treatments on offer from The London Centre of Trichology. The trick is to act quickly. The moment you spot signs of an unusual amount of hair loss, get in touch with us; your initial consultation is free of charge, so you have nothing to lose.

You will notice we referred above to “an unusual amount of hair loss”. This is because you will doubtless have already noticed the odd few hairs that have found their way into your sink or bathtub or been left behind in your hairbrush. The average person loses approximately 100 hairs a day, some slightly more, up to 140 hairs a day, some slightly less, around 80 hairs a day. This is not considered excessive and is in fact, quite normal.

Monitor the situation for a week or so and if you are still concerned, make a free appointment at our central London hair loss clinic. Remember, early treatment is the key to preventing further hair loss and encouraging regrowth in many cases. All hair loss treatment programmes are tailored to your specific needs and are completely natural and free from side effects.

Hair Loss Cures

There are lots of expensive “hair loss cures” on the market causing a range of different side effects and many people giving different and often conflicting advice. So, it’s reassuring to know, that there is somewhere you can go for good, honest, reliable advice and treatments which involve the use of entirely natural products which are completely side effect free. Call us on 0207 935 1 935 or visit our central London clinic in Blandford Street, London W1U 7HB, where we will conduct a completely free hair loss examination and diagnosis.

As a part of the examination and to give us the information necessary for an accurate diagnosis of your condition, we will use a high powered microscope known as a Proscope, to examine your scalp and to record pictures of it for future reference and comparison purposes. We will also ask a series of medical and lifestyle questions to see if there are any valid recommendations for change that we could make and we will advise you, on the day, whether we believe that our hair loss treatment programmes will help with your condition.

Female Hair Loss Treatment London – click her for more information on our London hair loss clinic