Monday, 31 January 2011

Hair Loss Treatments – What Happens When You Come and Visit Our London Hair Loss Clinic?

The London Centre of Trichology is a London hair loss clinic offering a full range of hair loss consultancy, diagnosis and treatment plans to men and women.

When you visit our hair loss clinic, we will...

Make you feel comfortable and relaxed

Our hair loss clinic is easy to find, situated on Blandford Street, London W1. The nearest underground stations are Bond St tube and the tube at Marble Arch. Once here you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist and seated in comfortable surroundings. Offered coffee or tea and made to feel at home, you will then have the chance to speak to one of our experienced and professional trichologists who will answer any questions you may have.

Examine your hair and scalp

During your free consultation which is designed to establish the cause of your hair loss and whether hair loss treatment will be effective, we will examine your hair and scalp using a Proscope. This is a USB served, handheld digital microscope which captures still images, video and even time-lapse photography and transfers those images directly on to a computer screen. The Proscope can magnify an image up to 200 times making it much easier to see and diagnose a problem.

Ask you some questions

The questions we ask are targeted at discovering whether there is a history of baldness in your family, the state of your general health, whether you are taking or have taken any prescribed medication recently, what your diet consists of, how you look after your hair, what your hair care regime is like, what hair care products you use and what your lifestyle is like, all things that can and often do have a bearing on the health of a person’s hair.

Tell you if we can help you

The information gleaned from the Proscope examination and from the question and answer session will be enough to tell our tricholgists whether or not our treatments will be effective for you and we will advise you honestly. If our treatments are not going to be successful in your particular case, we will tell you.

Explain the range of treatments that are on offer

During your visit we will explain the range of hair loss treatments that we provide from our London hair loss clinic. The hair care treatments on offer at The London Centre of Trichology are all entirely natural. That is to say, there are no chemicals or additives likely to cause an allergic reaction of any kind.

When you visit our hair loss clinic, we won't...

Hurt you

All our treatments and examinations are completely natural, safe and pain free.

Charge you any money if we can't help you

Your initial consultation is free or charge. It is an exploratory session in which we establish whether or not our hair loss treatment processes are going to be beneficial to you. We will only recommend further treatment if we believe you will benefit from it.

Recommend any treatments that have nasty side effects

All of our hair loss treatment products are completely natural and do not produce any nasty side effects

Contact your doctor

Our work does not involve your GP and so there is no need for us to contact your surgery. If however, it is found that a course of medication you have been prescribed is resulting in your hair loss we will recommend that you consult your GP with a view to obtaining a different prescription.

About Us

The London Centre of Trichology has been at the forefront of research and development in finding natural solutions to hair loss and scalp problems. Leaders in this field since 1956, we know all there is to know about hair loss, alopecia and male and female pattern baldness. We have helped thousands of men and women regain both their hair and their self confidence.

If you are suffering from male hair loss, male pattern baldness or Alopecia, female hair loss, female pattern baldness, the sooner the problem is diagnosed and addressed, the better. Please call us on 020 7935 1935 to arrange to visit our London Hair Loss Clinic