Thursday, 23 December 2010

Hair Loss Clinic London – What Happens When You Visit a Hair Loss Clinic?

The London Centre of Trichology is a hair loss clinic based in Blandford Street, London W1, providing hair loss diagnosis and hair loss treatment to both men and women. We are open from 10.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday and appointments can be arranged by telephoning 0207 935 1935. We are currently offering a free no obligation hair loss consultation to all website visitors.

Visitors to our London hair loss clinic will undergo an initial consultation taking approximately thirty minutes during which time your hair will be analysed and advice given on a recommended course of treatment. This diagnosis is carried out totally free of charge and our recommendations and findings are always kept entirely confidential.
Hair Loss Clinic  - contact us now to arrange your free consultation.
Your hair loss consultation will involve the use of a Proscope. This is a non invasive device, like a magnifying glass that is used to take images of your scalp and transmit those images on to a computer screen. These images are then stored for comparative purposes later on. Also, as part of the hair loss consultation we will ask you a series of questions aimed at establishing your age and the state of your general health. We will also need to find out what medications you are taking, if any, whether your family has any history of hair loss and what hair products you use to clean and condition your hair and scalp.
There is no need for us to contact your GP but we may suggest you visit your Doctor if it is felt that your hair loss condition requires medical treatment. This might be the case if, for example, you are taking medications that are exacerbating your hair loss condition. It may be that your Doctor can adjust your dosage and this could help alleviate the problem.
Having considered the results of our findings and diagnosed your condition, we will then be in a position to advise whether our hair loss treatments will help in your case. If we feel that they can, we can commence treatment straight away
Is hair loss treatment effective?

Hair loss treatment is effective in many cases but for the best results, it is important to catch it early.

Male Pattern Baldness

In cases of Male Pattern Baldness, early treatment is essential to slow down and halt the progression of this condition

Female Pattern Baldness

The early diagnosis and treatment of female pattern baldness is imperative so as to slow down and halt the progress of this condition.

Stress Related Hair Loss

In cases where stress related hair loss has been diagnosed, it is important to get to the root cause of the problem. Once the cause of the problem has been established, it is then possible to prescribe lifestyle and dietary changes that may help rectify the problem. We can also give you natural hair loss products to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and encourage new hair growth.

Hair Loss caused by hormonal changes (after pregnancy, miscarriage, menopause etc)

If your hair loss condition is the result of hormonal changes, for example after pregnancy, miscarriage, termination or menopause, we can prescribe a course of treatment that will help to stimulate new hair growth.

What type of hair loss treatments are prescribed

At The London Centre of Trichology we use entirely natural and safe hair treatment products that have been proven to have no side effects. Our treatments are effective in boosting the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the scalp and stopping the chemical DHT from attaching itself to the hair follicle. The course of treatment that will work best for you differs depending on the cause of your hair loss condition and will also differ whether it is male or female hair loss.

What should a person suffering from hair loss do?

If you are suffering from hair loss and would like advice contact the London Centre of Trichology today. Telephone us on 01207 935 1935 or click through to our contact us page to arrange an appointment. We offer a free initial consultation to all clients during which time we will diagnose your hair loss condition and explain the treatments that are available to you.